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"Icarus", acrylic and spray paint on cotton, 100x150cm, 2018.
The concept of Icarus is based on an inversion in both its mythological message and its formal execution. My Icarus stands firmly on the ground but playfully attempts to lift off using the wings attached to his body.  Associated with the original mythical scene, fall is ascribed here to the round object, perhaps cosmic, perhaps man made. The young man's figure is created by phosphoric yellow strikes and splashes which suggest moving away from the natural shine of the sun, falling into a realm of the artificial. The painting is heavily influenced by street art aesthetics. On a formal level the theme of inversion is enhanced by the fabric tucked into, rather than stretched over, the stretcher in an adaptation of the traditional technique.  Ultimately the artwork questions tradition in both forms: as an Icarian utopia of ventures for absolute freedom and its opposition - cynicism that prevents any form of idealism being maintained which is perhaps a characteristic of the contemporary condition.